White Paper

"A New Model for Process Training"

By: Craig Hane, Ph.D., Chairman, Brain Cable Inc.

Here is a quote from Brain Cable´s Website:

"Let Brain Cable prove to you, at Brain Cable´s risk, that Brain Cable´s Custom Process Training is the most efficient, most cost-effective training solution you can find for your company´s specific focused process needs. WE GUARANTEE IT."

Brain Cable has created a new Model for Process Training that any company may adopt to dramatically improve its Process Training, which in turn will significantly improve the Quality and Productivity of its many processes.

This White Paper will explain this new Model so you can determine how it might fit in with your situation. Let´s call this new Model "Brain Cable Custom Process Training".

Suppose you need to train 50 to 1,000,000 workers with the most cost effective training system available today, utilizing proven "state of the art" IT and communications technology.

There are many business processes which involve performing a series of steps that must be repeated regularly by personnel, error free. Optimizing Quality and Productivity is all about eliminating the many internal process errors that are very costly to your organization.

Training workers to perform these processes, error free and efficiently, is a major challenge. Inadequate training procedures lead to frustration and poor quality and, often, serious productivity problems. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to allow this to continue today. This historically intractable problem has been solved by modern technologies. Here is how Brain Cable Process Training can help you solve it.

You may obtain an optimal, affordable solution to the expensive problem of employee training utilizing the Brain Cable Custom Process Training Method.

Brain Cable Custom Process Training trains your workers with a step-by-step, interactive, "hands-on", participative training process available On-line anytime, anywhere. The Process Training leads the worker through the process step-by-step by having the worker perform each step in a simulated training environment - at their own pace, repeatedly, until they master the process 100%.

Brain Cable Custom Process Training does not have to utilize your production system and is available 24/7 from any Internet appliance. This can be extremely beneficial in some situations. Brain Cable Custom Process Training is repeated until the worker has thoroughly learned the process and can perform it correctly and efficiently. No stress of making mistakes on the job. No having to get other personnel involved in assisting the new worker. No expensive travel and per diem for trainers. No scheduling difficulties. No on-the-job errors.

Validation testing can then verify the learning is complete and that the worker can perform the process accurately without mistakes, before turning the worker loose in the actual production environment.

Your workers may use Brain Cable Custom Process Training to review the process anytime they need to refresh themselves.

Any worker can be tested to validate his or her capability to perform the process, before mistakes are made. This is important to insure the capability and integrity of your production processes, especially if you have a flexible and changing workforce.

The cost of Brain Cable Custom Process Training varies with each project. However, the Brain Cable Custom Process Training can cost as little as $10 per hour with 100 or more trainees. And, no benefits, no overtime, no travel, no per-diem, no scheduling snafus. Infinite patience, 100% repeatability, no tutoring mistakes, and completely scalable.

And, Brain Cable Custom Process Training is GREEN, thanks to reduced energy and emissions compared to traditional training methods that involve travel.

The efficiency of online training tutorials often results in 8 hours of physical, ordinary real-world traditional training being boiled down into less than 2 hours of interactive Brain Cable tutorials. Employees spend less time in training, retain the knowledge better, and can take the training anytime, anywhere, even as a refresher when needed.

Due to the online nature, training delivery is handled via an Online Process Testing and Training Delivery System (OPTTDS). On-demand training, testing, tracking, and reviews are available anytime for use as job aids and even technical support tools.

So how could you proceed? You may do it internally, or work with an outside vendor to help you. For example, Brain Cable will work with your company to both create and deliver the training, according to your company´s needs. In addition, Brain Cable utilizes its OPTTDS, Online Process Testing and Training Delivery System, to keep track of all your workers´ progress. It will interface to your LMS if you have one, or will serve as one if you like. Indeed, Brain Cable licenses its OPTTDS to companies who want to do everything else internally.

You are always invited to call Brain Cable to discuss your situation. Describe some of the business processes your company needs training for. It may surprise you how cost effectively you will be able to solve your problem. The ROI of Brain Cable Custom Process Training will be very high. In fact, from a Cash Flow perspective it might be infinite. That is, you should generate increases in your bottom line profits immediately.

When you take into account wasted labor costs, customer frustration costs, the costs of mistakes, costs of ad-hoc training, technical support, inefficiencies, poor quality, and other intangible factors such as worker satisfaction, retention, and flexibility you will quickly see how your ROI will be quite high.

You really need to experience Brain Cable´s Custom Process Training to fully appreciate its effectiveness. If your company qualifies, Brain Cable will create and deliver a custom program for your employees to enable you to fully evaluate this amazing system, at Brain Cable´s cost and No Risk to you, if you qualify.

A Caveat. Process Training is NOT Education

Brain Cable´s Custom Process Training is not intended for what should be called "education".

Human instructors are much better at explaining the "why" of a subject and motivating a student to understand a subject and inspiring the student and answering questions.

However, human instructors are always at a disadvantage in teaching the "How to" of a particular detailed process, particularly in group settings where individual instruction is impractical or impossible.

Indeed, Brain Cable´s Custom Process Training is a wonderful adjunct to traditional training modalities such as instructor-based education. The instructor is freed from the "how to" portion and is free to fully focus on the "why" portion of the educational process. The same is true for education delivered online, via DVD, Books, etc.

We advise you not to attempt to replace traditional "why" education with Brain Cable´s "how to" step-by-step tutorials.

However, when a worker (or customer) does need to know exactly, in detail, how to perform a specific work process, Brain Cable Custom Process Training is your optimal solution from many perspectives, much better than traditional "education".

To discuss your particular situation, please contact Brain Cable.

As the author of this White Paper, I invite you to call me anytime to discuss it.

Just call my private number: 812-332-8179 or e-mail me at: craig@hane.com

Thank you.
Craig Hane, Ph.D.