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Hire Brain Cable´s Virtual Tutor For Less Than $10 per hour

Sound too good to be true? Learn how it works and how to get a special offer of a FREE process training demonstration for qualified companies.

The Benefits of Brain Cable´s Custom Process Training

Learn the two premises of successful operations and ten features Brain Cable´s training will provide you. Includes an Opportunity too good to miss.

White Paper: A New Model for Process Training

Learn about the new Model for Process Training based on the same modern technologies that empower Google and how it can impact companies in the future. Includes how a company can earn an infinite ROI from a cash flow perspective on an investment in Custom Process Training.

Process Training and Six Sigma Quality

Apply the Six Sigma DMAIC technique to your process training. Find out how you can institute a good process training program even before you institute a full blown Six Sigma program.

Advanced Topics:

Advanced Executive Briefing

This Advanced Briefing is for people who are familiar with the materials in the other Brain Cable papers or who have received the Executive Briefing. Its primary purpose is to explain how your company can get a relationship with Brain Cable started.

Mathematical Model for Process Training

A common fear some managers have is that their processes are too complex to deliver automated process training on. This is rarely the case if one uses the "Atomic Process" model. This paper attempts to elucidate this with a Math Model for people with a theoretical bent, and an example from an Excel process anyone can appreciate.