"The Benefits of Brain Cable´s Custom Process Training"

There are Two Premises that underlie any truly successful operation and impact its overall performance and financial fate.

  1. Good Process Training of a process´s workers is prerequisite to optimizing a process´s performance.
  2. Optimal Process Performance is prerequisite to maximizing profits by optimizing the productivity and the quality of the process.

Good Process Training historically has been a difficult and expensive process itself. Traditional classical methods of process training are expensive, inefficient, inconsistent, and problematic for management. For most companies, an "Audit" will reveal woefully inadequate process training. Therein may lie a great opportunity for your company.

Recent advances in technology have empowered Brain Cable to work with organizations to create and deliver Good Process Training at small fractions of the costs of classic process training. And, as a bonus, much better process training too.

Brain Cable´s Process Training is efficient, consistent, and very cost effective. Indeed, an organization will realize very high ROI´s on investments in Brain Cable´s custom process training. In fact, in some cases it is possible to achieve an infinite ROI from a cash flow perspective.

Brain Cable´s Process Training has the following ten features, each of which is prerequisite for truly good process training. You might find it enlightening to "audit" your current process training against this list.

  1. Step-by-Step training on each of the process´s steps.
  2. Experiential, (i.e. the worker "learns by doing".)
  3. Interactive with feedback (i.e. guidance from a "coach".)
  4. Repetitive, (i.e. practice until achieve total mastery.)
  5. Just-in-time, (i.e. available when and where needed.)
  6. Available in flexible time chunks, when appropriate, to facilitate scheduling.
  7. Minimal time required for the process training. (i.e. minimize labor costs.)
  8. No travel or per diem costs.
  9. Consistent, (i.e. the worker learns the "best practices" way from a process expert.)
  10. Accountable, (i.e. test the worker to "prove" mastery is achieved.)

Obviously, Brain Cable´s process training is not education in the traditional sense. Then again, traditional education is not good process training.

Brain Cable´s process training is highly interactive, stimulating and enjoyable. Workers want to do a good job and take pride in their workmanship. Brain Cable process training empowers this, thus creating job satisfaction and "flow" for the workers.

Metaphor: Think of Brain Cable Process Training as a method of transferring knowledge from a process expert to a process worker. Thus, a "Brain Cable" from process expert to process worker.

Analogy: Good education is like a Jet Plane which flies high, fast, and far. Good process training is like a Helicopter which flies low, slow, and local. Both the Jet Plane and Helicopter are flying machines, but they serve very different, non-interchangeable, purposes. Education and Process Training likewise are valuable forms of "education in its most generic definition", but serve very different purposes, and should not be substituted for each other.

Method: Brain Cable´s process training utilizes the latest in computer software and communications technologies. The same technologies that make Google and eBay possible facilitate the Brain Cable, and must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

The core ingredient is Brain Cable´s OPTTDS, Online Process Testing and Training Delivery System. This OPTTDS can be interfaced to a conventional Learning Management System when necessary.

Equally important, are Brain Cable´s methods for creating the process training in a very efficient and cost effective way, not possible with conventional "authoring systems".

Opportunity: Brain Cable, Inc. will work with any qualified organization to create and deliver good Process Training on your processes for your workers. Brain Cable guarantees you will earn a very high ROI on your investment in process training.

Free Demonstration: Brain Cable will work with qualified organizations to create a demonstration on one of your processes for some of your workers at no charge to you.

Supercharge a Six Sigma Program: Brain Cable custom process training will significantly enhance the effectiveness of any Quality Improvement Program such as a Six Sigma program, particularly the C component of the DMAIC initiatives.

- Our simple recommendation -

Executive Briefing: Brain Cable offers a Free Executive Briefing (education) to Top Managers of qualified companies via a teleconference, created and delivered by our Chairman, Dr. Craig Hane. Call Dr. Hane directly at 812-332-8179 to schedule yours or learn more about it. Email: craig@hane.com