Advanced Executive Briefing

The target audience is a top management team that is familiar with enough other Brain Cable Materials to be ready to learn how to proceed. We start with:

Prerequisites (A baker´s dozen)

For this Briefing we assume you already know the following things.

  1. Marginal Improvements of Productivity and Quality of your processes will lead to leveraged massive CTO increases. CTO is Contribution To Overhead and results in increased Profits. (See the Executive Briefing).
  2. Traditional Education, such as Instructor led, either classroom or Webinar, Books, Video, Audio, whether delivered via Online or media such as DVD, IPOD, CD, etc., is NOT good Process Training. (See "The Horrible Misconception" and the White Paper "A New Model for Process Training").
  3. Good Process Training should train your workers with a step-by-step, interactive, "hands-on", participative training process available On-line anytime, anywhere. The Process Training leads the worker through the process step-by-step by having the worker perform each step in a simulated training environment - at their own pace, repeatedly, until they master the process 100%. (See "The Benefits of Brain Cable´s Custom Process Training").
  4. Good Process Training should have the following ten features, each of which is prerequisite for truly good process training. You might find it enlightening to "audit" your current process training against this list.
    1. Step-by-Step training on each of the process´s steps.
    2. Experiential, (i.e. the worker "learns by doing".)
    3. Interactive with feedback (i.e. guidance from a "coach".)
    4. Repetitive, (i.e. practice until achieve total mastery.)
    5. Just-in-time, (i.e. available when and where needed.)
    6. Available in flexible time chunks, when appropriate, to facilitate scheduling.
    7. Minimal time required for the process training. (i.e. minimize labor costs.)
    8. No travel or per diem costs.
    9. Consistent, (i.e. the worker learns the "best practices" way from a process expert.)
    10. Accountable, (i.e. test the worker to "prove" mastery is achieved.)
  5. Your Company can achieve a very high ROI on its investment in Good Process Training, even an infinite ROI from a cash flow perspective in some cases. (See. "The Executive Briefing").
  6. Even though many of your Company´s workflow processes may be complex, it is possible to create and deliver good process training by utilizing the "Atomic Process" Model. (See a "Mathematical Model for Good Process Training", which utilizes the concept of a Normed Linear Space to elucidate the situation, and an example from an Excel Spreadsheet process to demonstrate the points.) This is a major paradigm one must understand to avoid the intimidation of the complexity of many workflow situations, since some managers believe their situation is too complex to create and deliver good process training. That is rarely the case.
  7. Your Company may employ the services of a "Virtual Tutor" or "Cyber Coach" for $10 per hour or less, to achieve the results described above. We´ll call this type of process training Brain Cable Custom Process Training going forward. (See. "Hire Brain Cable´s ´Virtual Tutor´ for less than $10 per hour").
  8. To create Brain Cable Custom Process Training one must utilize "state of the art" software tools and creation methods. If this is done properly it will be possible to create this type of process training quite cost effectively. Most commercially available "authoring tools" are inadequate for the task.
  9. To deliver this type of process training one must utilize an OPTTDS, (Online Process Testing and Training Delivery System), which will not only deliver the process training, but also deliver the process testing, and keep track of all students´ progress. The OPPTDS could be integrated with a conventional Learning Management System (LMS) if desired, but Brain Cable´s OPTTDS also has built in LMS features and can be used stand alone. (See, "Hire Brain Cable´s ´Virtual Tutor´ for less than $10 per hour" and "The Benefits of Brain Cable´s Custom Process Training").
  10. Your company can apply a DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) technique to the creation and delivery of Brain Cable Custom Process Training (See "Process Training and Six Sigma Quality").
  11. Your Company can create and deliver Brain Cable Custom Process Training utilizing internal resources with a significant investment in both technology and human resources. Indeed, Brain Cable is willing to assist in both of these endeavors.
  12. Your Company can create and deliver Brain Cable Custom Process Training working with Brain Cable with NO Upfront Investment. Indeed, your Company can achieve an "infinite" positive Cash Flow by increasing its CTO before beginning to pay Brain Cable for the training.
  13. Brain Cable has a pricing model that assures your Company and Brain Cable each earn the same percentage of CTO from the benefits of the process training. This is true in both the case where your Company does not currently have adequate process training, and also in the case where your Company already has adequate process training in place. (See "Brain Cable´s Pricing Methods and Policies" available to qualified companies).

End of Prerequisites


The Advanced Briefing


Six Sigma Quality programs are comprehensive programs for the continual improvement of both quality and productivity of a company´s processes, and the global improvement of Your Company´s performance.

It is a fact that, as Dr. Deming and others have taught, good process training is an absolutely indispensable ingredient of all optimally functioning processes.

Indeed, often a Six Sigma analysis will reveal that one of the root causes of a process´s problems is lack of good process training. Therefore, one of the first things that should be checked in process analysis is the adequacy of the process training for the process´s workers. Less than adequate process training can lead to both special causes (lack of process control) and common causes (lower capability) of suboptimal process performance. Good process training is a necessary, but not sufficient, prerequisite for good process functioning.

Historically, good process training has been expensive and difficult to achieve. It is not uncommon to rely on some type of On the Job Training (OJT). Dr. Deming and Dr. Nelson demonstrated that this is tampering (Type 4) and will result in an out of control process. (See "Fourth Generation Management")

Dr. Craig Hane, a ´grand-disciple´ of Dr. Deming, has wrestled with this problem for over twenty years. (Dr. Hane is a disciple of Rafael Aguayo, who was one of Dr. Deming´s foremost disciples).

The culmination of Dr. Hane´s efforts is the Brain Cable Custom Process Training (and Testing) System. He is the Chairman of Brain Cable, Inc. He also was a co-creator of the QPI Management System.

"Qualified Company" Definition

The CEO and Top Management Team must understand and be committed to the concepts and principles as espoused by Dr. Deming, Dr. Juran, Rafael Aguayo in his great book "Dr. Deming, the American Who Taught the Japanese About Quality" OR Brian Joiner´s great book, "Fourth Generation Management"). These concepts and principles are embodied in appropriate manifestations of a Six Sigma program and approach to management.

Top Management must be behind a commitment to create and deliver good process training which it will, if it satisfies the above requirement.

Your Company must be large enough to have groups of 50 or more employees or customers who need to be able to carry out well defined processes. The more groups and the larger the groups, the greater the savings and benefits will be.

Unlike typical "education", your Company will not have to invest any money up-front in anything to enjoy the benefits of Brain Cable Custom Process Training. Indeed, your Company should be able to enjoy in improvement of its bottom line immediately.

Unlike typical "education", your Company will be able to measure the value of the benefits of the process training by analyzing the productivity and quality of the processes the training is on. I personally think Dr. Deming would be thrilled with this new technology.

Getting Started

Your Company should identify one process whereby one group of employees, or customers, would benefit from good process training. Your Company will work with Brain Cable to apply the DMAIC technique to create and deliver the training and to measure the results, including the financial results.

Brain Cable will work with your Company to carry out a Demonstration Project to create and deliver training to a group of up to 100 employees, or customers, to facilitate your Management´s understanding of this type of Process Training.

The Long Term Relationship

Your Company and Brain Cable will form teams to identify Company processes where Brain Cable Custom Process Training will be beneficial to Your Company. This will involve repeated application of the DMAIC technique.

Then a list of processes in prioritized order will be created. Obviously, what will determine the priorities and ranking of processes in the order they will have the most positive impact on your Company from a global perspective.

Then your Company and Brain Cable will work together to create and deliver process training on these processes. Your company will supply the process SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and process documentation and approve the process training "scripts", and Brain Cable will create the training and deliver it to your targeted audience.

Your Company and Brain Cable will share in a proportional way the benefits derived from these process improvements. This will be by mutual agreement and will apply the Brain Cable pricing model, or some other mutually acceptable model.

The relationship between your Company and Brain Cable will be perpetual, unless, and until, your Company finds a better way to proceed.

Your Company and Brain Cable will treat each other with mutual respect and be dedicated to the goal of both entities prospering from the relationship.

The Future and Brain Cable

Fortunately, Brain Cable´s technology and proprietary processes are all scalable very quickly. Thus, there are no significant impediments to Brain Cable´s internal growth.

Brain Cable is dedicated to helping all Qualified Companies achieve their potential by adopting Brain Cable Custom Process Training.

Brain Cable will form a special dedicated team for each Qualified Company in a "partnership" arrangement. This team will grow as the needs of the Qualified Company dictate.

We believe that eventually all successful 21st Century companies will adopt Brain Cable type of process training as a matter of survival in the 21st Century business environment.

We believe that "early adopters" of Brain Cable Custom Process Training will enjoy a significant competitive advantage over the "late adopters". Indeed, in this rapidly accelerating world, late adopters may not survive.

Brain Cable believes that Six Sigma Quality Process Training will significantly improve the economy and lives of human workers by making their jobs more satisfying and productive, which will create "Flow type happiness".


If your Company is Qualified, Brain Cable stands ready to dialog with your Top Management team to explore a mutually beneficial relationship.

If your Top Management is attuned with Six Sigma and Deming principles and philosophies, and has an open mind, then Your Company should engage in a Free Demonstration project with Brain Cable. At the very least, you will have a benchmark for a "best practices" Googlesque approach to process training.

After Thoughts

Brain Cable believes that many companies will be slow in adopting this technology. It is a sad fact that many companies do have an aggressive internal "educational" training effort, but that as explained in "The Horrible Misconception that Afflicts 98% of U.S. Companies", they do not conduct good Process Training, but rather Education which is a very poor substitute for good Process Training. (Consider the Metaphor of the Jet Plane versus the Helicopter)

Brain Cable further believes that those "early adopter" companies who do adopt a Brain Cable Custom Process Training type of program, even if they don´t do it with Brain Cable, will enjoy a significant competitive advantage.

For example, we believe that companies such as Toyota who adopted the management system advocated by Dr. Deming many decades ago have proven that Dr. Deming´s management philosophy and beliefs are the wave of the future.

None of the Big Three U.S. auto companies ever fully adopted Dr. Deming´s methods, and now have "paid the price". A couple have paid "lip service" to it. But Dr. Deming himself, just prior to his death in 1993, told them they had failed. This is a complicated story that has yet to be told, to our knowledge.

Dr. Hane hopes that now, for the first time in history, good process training is available and possible at a reasonable cost, that things will rapidly change for many U.S. companies. Indeed, the adoption of Brain Cable Custom Process Training can be an excellent "first step" on the road to Fourth Generation Management as espoused by Dr. Deming and his followers.

Wherever your Company is in its evolution, Brain Cable will be happy to talk with you to explore Your possibilities.

Brain Cable believes in globalization and the "Flat World" concept and believes the entire human race will benefit from this "Third Wave" technology.

Brain Cable stands ready to help any business or organization "profit" from these new possibilities.

Brain Cable also believes in the improvement of the environment. Brain Cable Custom Process Training is very GREEN.

Just consider the energy savings from this type of training versus traditional training. No travel. No paper or other "media" waste products.

And, there will be less human obsolescence due to out dated skills. We all know that human skills must be continually updated as technology progresses. It is easy to achieve this with Brain Cable Custom Process Training.

So, "time is money". In this rapidly changing world it is imperative to improve as rapidly as possible. Your challenge is to utilize the best state of the art process training technologies available today to improve your company.

The only question you really need to answer is:

Would your company invest $X to gain $2X or more, especially if it could be done with a positive cash flow, no Up-front investment, and NO Risk?

If yes, contact Brain Cable to determine if you qualify for a Free Demonstration Project or to learn more about this new type of process training.