Brain Cable will work with you to create and deliver custom online process training specific to your company´s needs.

Once created, process training is delivered via our online testing and training process delivery system (OTTPDS).

What you get

  1. Tutor your workers one on one in a "hands-on" simulated environment.
  2. Workers learn "by doing," at their own pace with repetition as required.
  3. Tests ensure workers can perform their job tasks error free and efficiently.
  4. Learn from any internet enabled computer, 24/7.
  5. Refresher or remediation tutoring available as needed.
  6. Eliminate travel, per diem, and instructor costs.
  7. Increase profits by improving productivity and quality with a robustly trained workforce (your own or your customers).

Why it works

  1. Proven, interactive e-learning methods.
  2. Focus on retention, recall, review and testing.
  3. Experiential learning.
  4. Full Interactivity.
  5. Learn by doing not just reading, watching or listening.
  6. Measurable results.
  7. Reduces demand for customer or IT support.
  8. Efficient online delivery reduces time spent in training.

Visit our Samples page to experience our process training in action and to see how we´ve helped other companies.

Contact us today for a preliminary "Audit" to determine how to get started and quickly get a very large return on an initial investment in quality process training.