Training Samples

Whether you need to train 50 or 1 million employees on how to use the new phone system, software applications, hand-held devices, or how to perform a manufacturing process, Brain Cable can create and deliver custom process training for your company, more cost effectively than any other comparable resource.

View a few examples of process training created for clients.


When efficiency matters most...

Manufacturing Sample

Created for a manufacturer using programmable logic control. This sample includes process training for a manufacturing work environment.

When off-the-shelf training fails...

Customer Relationship Manager Sample

Created for a fulfillment house using a proprietary CRM, this sample shows how to create a customized email campaign using that company's software.

When training involves equipment...

Industrial Mathematics Sample

Created for an automotive manufacturer, this sample teaches you how to quickly and accurately calculate the area of a triangle using a scientific calculator.

When skill sets need developed...

Software Sample

Created for a company using the Mac operating system, this sample includes new software how-to´s.

When training involves specialty equipment...

Specialty Equipment Training Sample

Created for an emergency medical device manufacturer, this sample shows how Brain Cable can train on the proper use of specialty products.