Brain Cable Releases Online Practical Math Tutorials

CHICAGO (Graph Expo 2008) – October 26, 2008 – Brain Cable, the parent company of Prepress Training Solution, offers free training to qualified companies on one of their specific process.

Brain Cable creates the best online job training in the world and is willing to prove it. Brain Cable will create process or workflow training specifically for qualified companies without any up-front investment. The training will be custom to each company´s processes and is not available off-the-shelf. This offer will allow companies to evaluate the effectiveness of Brain Cable’s process training before incurring any investment

If a company has 50 or more workers or customers who need to perform specific tasks, error free and efficiently and can identify an area in the operation that could improve in quality and/or productivity, the company will qualify for the free training offer.

Brain Cable’s Process Training has the following ten features, each of which is a prerequisite for truly good process training.

  1. Step-by-Step training on each of the process’s steps.
  2. Experiential, (i.e. the worker "learns by doing").
  3. Interactive.
  4. Repetitive, (i.e. practice until achieve total mastery).
  5. Just-in-time, (i.e. available when and where needed).
  6. Available when needed to meet flexible training schedules.
  7. Target learning reduces training time and labor.
  8. No travel or per diem costs.
  9. Consistent, (i.e. the worker learns the "best practices" way from a process expert).
  10. Accountable, (i.e. test the worker to "prove" mastery is achieved).

Visit GRAPH EXPO booth #5159 October 26-29, 2008 for more information about this special offer.

About Brain Cable
Brain Cable creates process or workflow training specifically for each company. It´s custom to the company´s processes and is not available off-the-shelf. Our unique, proven learning method ensures a successful adult learning experience by engaging and measuring the learner as they perform each step in a given process. Pre-tests and post-tests can be added to provide quantifiable results, proving a positive return on investment.

For more information on Brain Cable, go to or call 800.355.6429. Outside the US/Canada, call 812.355.3030.

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