Brain Cable Releases Online Practical Math Tutorials

CHICAGO (Graph Expo 2008) - October 26, 2008 - Brain Cable, the parent company of Prepress Training Solution, the premier online training provider to the prepress and graphic arts industry, today releases a new series of online practical math tutorials.

For students, teachers, people with math phobias and anyone interested in furthering their general math knowledge, Dr. Del´s Kitchen Table Practical Math tutorials is an invaluable online resource. The practical math tutorials provide more than 6 hours of online video instruction teaching users how to solve virtually any problem they are likely to run into in every day life. Tutorials address numbers, using a calculator, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry

"Many people have had bad experiences with math in school and therefore think they just can´t do it. This revolutionary approach to practical math is a fun, easy, fast, and exciting way to learn math that is useful in solving many problems encountered in everyday life," stated Brain Cable Chairman and CEO Craig Hane.

Improving math skills will assist people on the job, enable them to accurately complete tax returns, understand financial decisions they are making and ease the stress felt when presented with a situation involving math.

Topics covered in this video series include:

  • The Joy of Math
  • Getting Started
  • Real Numbers Introduction
  • Real Number Operations
  • Calculator Introduction
  • Calculator Fun - Inverses
  • Fractions
  • Percentages Basics
  • Algebra - Introduction
  • Algebra - Linear Equations
  • Geometry - Overview
  • Fundamental Concept: Parallel Lines
  • Angles
  • Triangles Basics
  • Similar Triangles
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Circles
  • Surface Areas
  • Volumes
  • Archimedes Tombstone
  • Trigonometry Basics
  • Law of Sines
  • Law of Cosines

24/7 Unlimited Access, 365 Days
The Dr. Del Kitchen Table Practical Math Program can be accessed online from any computer with an Internet connection. With a unique ID and password, subscribers can access their account 24/7 for an entire year.

Pricing & Availability
The new Dr. Del Kitchen Table Practical Math Program is available for the introductory price of $97. GRAPH EXPO special pricing of $47 per user is available October 26-29, 2008 in person at booth #5159 or via e-mail at

About Brain Cable
Brain Cable creates process or workflow training specifically for each company. It's custom to the company's processes and is not available off-the-shelf. Our unique, proven learning method ensures a successful adult learning experience by engaging and measuring the learner as they perform each step in a given process. Pre-tests and post-tests can be added to provide quantifiable results, proving a positive return on investment.

For more information on the Dr. Del Kitchen Table Math Program, go to or call 800.355.6429. Outside the US/Canada, call 812.355.3030.

For more information on Brain Cable, go to or call 800.355.6429. Outside the US/Canada, call 812.355.3030.

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