Thirty Facets of Modern Process Training

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Audio Runtime: Eighty-three Minutes

An Opportunity to make an Investment which comprises:

No Risk - - - No Up-Front Investment - - - High ROI

Positive Cash Flow Immediately

Believe it or not, there is such an opportunity today thanks to the evolution of technology. The same technology that is enabling companies like Google, Ebay, My Space, You Tube, and many more, is enabling a company, Brain Cable, to offer you this opportunity.

Dr. Craig Hane, Brain Cable´s Chairman, offers you an eighty-three minute audio discussion which looks at this very complex exciting situation from thirty different facets or viewpoints. This discussion was created explicitly for the leaders of your company.

We believe this eighty-three minute presentation has the potential to profoundly impact any company whose top management understands this situation and acts on it. Below is a list of the Thirty Facets Dr. Hane discusses and explains in this audio dialog. Enjoy!

This collection of Memoranda is being sent to CEOs and Top Management Teams at the rate of three per week to educate and stimulate them to take advantage of Process Training, Brain Cable style. Click the links below to view the Memoranda.

A CEO´s Ignorance? A CEO´s Demands? A CFO´s Desires?
A $10 Per Hour Coach A Horrible Misconception The Executive Briefing
Unavoidable Responsibility Taguchi´s Mandate? Marginal Magic?
OJT and Tampering What is Six Sigma? Area of a Triangle?
Jet Plane/Helicopter Metaphor Infinite ROI Failure´s Causes
Good Process Training Why Not Education? The Educator´s Trap
The Hollywood Trap A Sad True Story Increasing Profits
The Ideal Training Program What is Quality? Process Training Costs
Leverage Points Assignable Causes Common Causes
What is a Fair Price? Decision Makers Checklist Infinite ROI Revisited

An investment of eighty-three minutes of your time in a relaxed receptive environment has the potential to offer you an opportunity to significantly improve your company and, as a consequence, to massively increase its profits and its value for all of your stakeholders.