Management Decision Maker´s Checklist
Use this checklist when analyzing any training initiative.

  1. I want to keep my CFO happy. For every $1 we invest, quickly I want at least a $1 return. I would like to see a $2 improvement to our bottom line within the first year.
  2. I want to see an improvement in quality and productivity as a result of the investment in training: reduced errors, improved quality, and more output per labor dollar.
  3. I want the training to be job related with focused objectives.
  4. I want the training to directly improve the job performance of my staff.
  5. I want to know my staff really needs the training.
  6. I want to provide training only on things they don´t already know.
  7. I want to know they have actually learned these new things.
  8. I want the training to prove itself before I have committed to an investment.
  9. I want any new program to be more cost effective than my existing program, or it should make my existing training program more cost effective.
  10. I want a training vendor that gives outstanding customer service and is responsive to my company´s needs.
  11. I want training designed specifically for the needs of my employees.
  12. I want to invest in training that fits in my budget. The best way it can do that is to lower my costs by more than the cost of the training, yielding a net improvement to my bottom line.
  13. I would like the training to meet all the criteria on the Ideal Training Program
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