The Ideal Training Program
Use these criteria when evaluating any training program.

  1. Training must be focused on the actual job related needs of my staff. I am not interested in "education for its own sake."
  2. I want to be able to evaluate each of my staff´s actual need for the training.
  3. I want to give each of my staff training ONLY on what he or she needs.
  4. I want to be able to train my staff during slow or down times.
  5. I don´t want any travel or per-diem costs. Only labor, and then minimal.
  6. I want my staff to take the training on our timetable, even in small periods of time if necessary.
  7. I want my staff to be able to take training outside the company if they want to.
  8. I want to assign the appropriate training to my staff members easily.
  9. I don´t want to keep the records myself. I want to be able to access them anytime, even from outside the office.
  10. I want to track each staff member´s progress.
  11. I want to see all valuations, both before and after the training.
  12. I want to share our training results with our quality and production teams to correlate training results with our quality and production statistics.
  13. I want the training to be available anytime to provide maximum flexibility.
  14. I want each of my staff members to have a "personal trainer" available at all times.
  15. I want to use the training as a "job aid."
  16. I want the training to be "hands-on" and interactive so my staff actually learns it.
  17. I want the training to continually update as technology changes and we acquire new software we must master quickly.
  18. I want training to motivate and instill enthusiasm in my employees. I do not want training that is a drag, a waste of time, or worse yet, is a joke.
  19. I want training that proves itself and makes our company money. Bottom line improvement is a necessity of any investment we make in training.
  20. Ideal training meets all the criteria on the Management Decision Maker´s Checklist.
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