"The Magic of Marginal Improvement."
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The Executive Briefing's purpose is to make your top management team fully aware of a new technology that will empower your company to take advantage of "The Magic of Marginal Improvement."

You will be given Four Keys to unlocking massive profits for your company along with an 8 Step Action Plan.

The 15 minute (plus Q & A time) Executive Briefing will be delivered to you via a teleconference at a time of your convenience. There is no limit on the number of attendees from your company.

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The Magic of Marginal Improvement Agenda

  1. Who Must Act on This Message?
  2. What Determines Your Profit?
  3. What are the TWO Core Measurements that Determine Profit?
  4. What is Productivity?
  5. How does Marginal Productivity Change affect Profit?
  6. What is Quality?
  7. How does Marginal Quality Change affect Profit?
  8. What is the Quickest and Best Way to Increase Your Profits?
  9. What has a great effect on both the Quality and Productivity of a Process, in most cases?
  10. What Determines the Performance of Managers and Workers who are engaged in running a Process?
  11. What is Process Training?
  12. What is Ideal Training?
  13. What makes a Good Trainer?
  14. What is "The Horrible Misconception?"
  15. What is Education?
  16. So, what´s so WRONG with Edu Training?
  17. How does Top Management often regard or treat Edu Training?
  18. How should Top Management handle Process Training?
  19. What about OJT?
  20. What´s the First Thing Top Management Could or Should DO?
  21. What´s Top Management´s BEST SOLUTION to the Process Training Problem?
  22. What is a Virtual Tutor?
  23. What are Three Bonuses that come with the Virtual Tutor?
  24. Warning! What is a Pitfall Top Management must Avoid?
  25. What are Top Managements´ THREE OPTIONS?
  26. What is the Management Decision Makers´ Checklist?
  27. What could Top Management´s Action Plan be?
  28. Who is Brain Cable, Inc. and what can they offer my company?